Friday, December 7, 2012

Katie Doesn't Know about The War On Christmas

"Happy Birthday Jesus Cake" by Katie Carleton

Katie doesn't know about the war on Christmas.  I guess she hasn't seen this episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Despite the fact that her parents both believe in evolution and rarely attend church, she attends secular public school, and she just sat on Santa's lap the other day, this six year old girl is still so excited to get to celebrate Jesus' birthday she drew a picture of his birthday cake today during free draw time at school.

"Are those stars on the cake?"  I asked.

"No, those are snowflakes," Katie explained.

"But Jesus lived in a desert, Sweetie.  Even if his birthday was December 25, which it probably wasn't--that's just the day Christians decided to celebrate His birth, there wouldn't have been snow around his birth because the desert is too hot," I try to be factually accurate when explaining what we know about the life of Jesus.

"Yeah, I knowed that.  But I wanted him to have snowflakes on his cake."

Who am I to judge the artist's representation?