Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Katie's New Pretend Sister: Stella Sarah Carleton

Santa brought Katie her first American Girl doll.  It's not one of the historical dolls that comes with a name and a story already in place.  Katie's doll is from a newer series called "My American Girl" which features customizable dolls that allow you to create their story.

Me: "What are you going to name your American Girl doll?"
Katie: "Stella Sarah Carleton."
Me: "Ooooh.  That's a great name.  What made you decide to name her that?"
Katie: "Because you wanted to name me Stella but Daddy didn't.  And Daddy wanted to name me Sarah but you didn't.  So my new pretend sister can be Stella Sarah!"

I can tell this new sister is going to be the diplomat of the group.  Welcome to the family, Stella Sarah Carleton!