Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Messages on the Bathroom Wall

I found this on our bathroom wall this morning:

Looks like Katie decided to join our conversation. 

I'd asked our guests to write on our bathroom wall during my fortieth birthday party three years ago. Now it's become a tradition. Whenever we have guests over, they leave us messages. Over the weekend, we had some friends over. I noticed the next morning they had been razzing someone about their butt size:

How'd you fit your butt here?
I work out!
I was born skinny!
Also, it's an adjustable toilet seat! Ms. Smallbutt

It's all in good fun, and I know they're just teasing, but I can't pass an opportunity to share my message of body love. So, I wrote above their bathroom wall conversation my motto: 

Start a revolution. Stop hating your body.

Our guests had already gone home. I didn't expect anyone would notice my contribution to the conversation, but it made me feel better to have those words up there, sticking up for big butts everywhere.

Evidently Katie noticed, and she's decided to join the revolution too.

Parenting tip of the day: If you want your kids to pay attention to your words, write them on the bathroom wall.