Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two Dads Discover What Childbirth Feels Like

From the Faithrefreshed YouTube channel: 

A labor simulation was connected to these Christian dads from Kensington Church who where curious as to what the labor thing is all about. Finally the truth comes out about the perils of child bearing! :) The results of this simulator were HILARIOUS.

I'm not quite sure what being Christian has to do with this video.  I can see how labor simulation would be a great lesson in empathy for many men, regardless of faith, or lack of faith.  Maybe Faithrefreshed is inferring that, since Jesus taught us to love each other, Christians who seek ways to understand what another person is going through are treating love as it should be treated, as an action verb.

But lots of people of varying faiths and secular beliefs seek ways to understand what another person is going through, so yeah, you don't have to be a Christian to appreciate the video above.

The truth is, if you, like me, can't help but laugh at other people's pain, this video's for you!  Why is that?  Why is seeing video footage of someone getting hurt so often freaking hilarious?  Am I a bad person for laughing at this kind of stuff?  

It cracks me up that, although the men are obviously learning a lesson in empathy, the wives are laughing and high-fiving each other while the husbands are screaming in agony.  What is it about watching people purposefully put themselves through physically painful situations that is so freaking funny?  

Why do I laugh so hard I cry when I watch videos of people falling down while attempting to do stupid stunts in their backyard?  Is it because I can relate?  Is it because I'm the person who's tried to hop on my hammock all graceful-like, only to topple over and land in a pile of dogshit?  The only difference between me and some poor schmuck whose friends posted a video of her falling in a pile of dogshit is that I haven't been caught on video yet.

Why do we laugh at other people's pain?  Because we're empathetic.  We understand what pain feels like.  Why do we laugh at other people's pain?  Because we're selfish jerks.  We're just glad it's not us feeling the pain this time.  That's what being human is.  We're empathetic selfish jerks.  What's not funny about that?

So yeah, enjoy the video of these two dads going through labor simulation and their wives reaction to their agony.  It's freaking hilarious.