Thursday, June 27, 2013

Epic Pro-Choice/Pro-Life Double Rant!

Wow!  Watch @elliottcmorgan and @megturney host this edition of SourceFed, featuring an epic pro-choice/pro-life Double Rant!:


What I like about SourceFed, which is different than most other news media sources, is that the hosts are not stiff, politically correct mannequins.  They are real people with real opinions.  Elliott Morgan is pro-life but that doesn't automatically make him a misogynist.  Humans are not automated beings.  We are complex and messy and stubborn and curious.  That's what I like about SourceFed.  It's human.

Here's the best part of Elliott Morgan's rant:

I typically choose not to identify myself as anything, not because I don't have opinions but because titles come with baggage and people will take whatever stance you hold and dismiss you once they know which way you lean.  

Labels kill discussion, they spur debates and the cement idleness.  Labels ensure that your face becomes red with rage but your hands and feet remain still and actionless.  

We humans are so much better at winning debates than we are at abolishing any kind of oppression, however one of the saddest parts of the abortion debate for me, besides every single abortion ever, is not that my stance might come with overgeneralizations, that's human nature, that's what happens when you open the floor for discussion, it's that I'm especially ostracized by my admission of being pro-life on account of being male.  

For example, tell a husband whose pregnant wife just died that only his wife is dead.  And the idea that I in any way support inequality, let alone by my belief in the sanctity of life is not simply inaccurate it is heart-shatteringly baffling.  

Wendy Davis deserves a lot of respect, and I stand with her, as I will stand with anybody who stands for what they believe in, but I will also fight for the unborn.  And I'll fight for the abandoned children in our foster system that the pro-lifers have forgotten.  And the death row inmates that pro-lifers have deemed unworthy of life. 

I've written about my thoughts on abortion here before.  Basically, I think the government should stay out of it.  I have complex feelings about abortion.  As a subfertile woman, I've never been put in the position to choose, so it's hard for me to say, but as someone who tried so hard to get pregnant, I don't think I could ever have an abortion.  When I was six-week's pregnant, when I saw the heartbeat on ultrasoud of the fetus that would later be named Katie,  I didn't think, "Aww, that's our clump of cells!"  I thought, "Aww, that's our baby!"

But I was in a loving, safe relationship.  I was not raped.  I was not physically or mentally ill.  How could I know how another woman would feel in her individual situation?  It's not for me to tell another person what to do with her own body.

I wish our society would work to help women who have an unwanted pregnancy find other options than terminating it, but I also don't want the government telling women what to do with their bodies.  I think abortion should be legal and rare and the decisions surrounding it made by the mother.  Spouses, doctors, religious leaders, and spiritual guides can be consulted, but government bureaucrats and politicians should keep their opinions about other people's bodies to themselves.

I respect people like Elliott Morgan, people who seem to genuinely care more about saving lives than attacking their political opponents and winning debates.