Thursday, June 6, 2013

Body Love

Phrase of the Day: "Scale Dependent Self-esteem."

Do you suffer from SDS? Here's a brilliant TEDTalk by Golda Poretsky. You will shake your head and say, "yes" out-loud as you watch it.

"This year alone Americans are going to spend sixty-two billion dollars on diets and diet products."

"Accepting your body just as it is, to me, this is one of the greatest peace movements of our time. Because if you can let go of the judgment around your body and other peoples' bodies, if you can stop denigrating your own body and saying negative things about yourself, it creates an amazing sort of peace."


Got Scale Dependent Self-esteem you can't seem to shake? The cure is body love.  Shake it no matter what your size or ability!  Be proud of your vessel.  When you love yourself others become more lovable.  Spread the love!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up tomorrow and we all decided to love ourselves and each other?

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Fat chance.