Saturday, June 1, 2013

"A Butterfly" by Katie Carleton, Age 6

"A Butterfly" by Katie Carleton, age 6.  

Katie has a Play-doh kit that has these three spatulas you can use to get the Play-doh out of the molds and to cut it in wiggly lines.  When I was in bed with a migraine the other day, Katie was left up to her own devices.

She got out her Play-doh set and soon realized all the Play-doh was gone - dog ate some, some dried up, most of it just got used over time.  Without complaint, she took the three spatulas, colored them, and taped them together to make a butterfly.

I love that she continued to use the parts of the kit to create something long after some might think the kit was worthless.  I mean, who can create a butterfly using a Play-doh kit that's run out of Play-doh?  Katie Bug can!  The butterfly is proudly displayed, taped to her bedroom door.