Saturday, February 2, 2013

Katie's Kid Art: Sky, Home, Playground

"Katie Looking Out the Window" by Katie Carleton, age 6

Katie drew this while lying on the couch sick with her fifth fever-inducing illness in five months.  In the bottom right corner Katie is looking out the window.  The first star she sees is the wishing star above.  Then she sees the Big Dipper, the Milky Way, and the moon up in the left corner.  At least the germs are not invading her imagination.

"A Little House" by Katie Carleton, age 6

Katie drew this while she was convalescing on the couch, too.  It's pretty straight-forward.  I like the yellow glow of light inside the house coming through the windows.

"Me Playing at the Playground" by Katie Carleton, age 6

Katie drew this one during "free draw" time at school.  Katie is the white girl swinging.  I asked her who the sliding brown-skinned girl is.  She said, "she's my friend" without going into specifics.  I like how Katie is starting to draw figures from the side.  If you're wondering what is the significance of the rainbow 4, all I know is Katie's cubby at school is number 4, so she often puts this number on her work so the teacher knows who it belongs to.  The rainbow is a nice embellishment evoking racial harmony, even if that wasn't the artist's intent.