Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Cafe" by Katie Carleton, Age 6

I think it's cute that Katie goes into such tremendous detail in her artwork, and yet she sometimes writes her Ps backwards.  Here's her most recent in a series of drawings of buildings shown from both the exterior and interior.

"Cafe, Exterior" by Katie Carleton, Age 6
Note the diners inside the windows.  She used her Lego Friends Cafe sign as a model for her sign.

"Cafe, Interior" by Katie Carleton, Age 6
Clockwise from top left: children's bathroom with little seats and sinks, indoor swimming pool with slide and a sandbox, elevator that takes kids upstairs to their bathroom and pool area, women's and men's restrooms, Katie and her husband Aidan and their two children dining together, another family dining together.  I like the marks showing how the elevator goes up and down and how the person riding it looks the same both downstairs and upstairs.