Friday, October 28, 2011

Peacock Daddies are Hot

Will is so proud of his little girl. That is so fucking hot. I have no idea why some people think thugs are hot. No way. Good daddies are hot. A strong man who wants to protect his daughter and give her a moral foundation upon which she can mature and create a life of wonder - that is hot. Not yo bitches and hos' bullshit.

Will and I had our first parent-teacher conference this morning. Will was beaming so much as we left the building I was surprised to find he hadn't sprouted peacock feathers on his back. He sure did attract this peahen. Proud peacock daddies are HOT!

Katie's doing well above average in reading and math, according to her kindergarten teacher. She's cooperative, on task, follows directions and participates in group activities. Big smile from both of us.

Her teacher suggested Katie could work on being more assertive. "It could help her gain confidence down the road."

Don't I know it. My teachers, my bosses. It's the first criticism I get from anyone in authority. I'm not assertive enough. They don't read my blog. They assume because I don't confront people verbally with my thoughts and feelings it means I lack confidence. No, it means I need time to think things through. I am the Queen of the Soulda Saids.

Katie's teacher explained that once she walked by and Katie wasn't doing her work. She wasn't goofing off or spacing off. She just sat quietly and looked at her paper. Her teacher asked why. Katie said, "I don't have a pencil."

Most kids would blurt out "Hey I NEED A PENCIL" or go steal one from someone, but Katie just sat there quietly, not wanting to draw attention to herself.

Her teacher said it's no big deal, just something we can be aware of to help her break out of her shell. I'm not worried. She's quite assertive with her mother and other kids at the playground, so I know Katie's got it in her. I think she's still just adjusting to being in a classroom setting, figuring out how to ask for help when there are 20 other much more noisy, assertive children around fighting for the teacher's attention.

When we got out of the conference, Will said to Katie, "One way you can ask for help if you feel shy and don't want to talk is to just raise your hand."

Later in the kitchen, Katie took her daddy's advice to get something she wants. "If you think Halloween is fun, raise your hand!" We both raised our hands.

Then she said, "If you want a piece of candy, raise your hand!" We both raised our hands, duh.

Brilliant display of advice, Peacock Daddy.