Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Accidental Protest

I do not understand the point of Red Ribbon Week at Katie's school. Other than as fodder for ridicule and confusion.

Yesterday Katie was unable to "Be a Team Player" by not wearing her "favorite team shirt/jersey". Last week a note was sent home reminding us that this week is Red Ribbon Week. It's today's attempt at an anti-drug campaign. They fried eggs on TV to show us the dangers of drugs when I was a kid.

Even though they sent home the reminder, first thing Monday morning it never crossed our minds to dress our daughter in a sporty shirt so she could "Be a Team player – Stay Drug Free." So, she went to school wearing her Jimi Hendrix T-shirt. Total accident, but I love the irony. I just wish I had seen the faces of the teachers and administrators as my cute ponytailed girl waltzed down the hallway wearing a shirt that celebrates the life of a genius musician who by all accounts was decisively pro-drugs.

Today, kids were encouraged to wear pajamas to "Say Goodnight to Drugs." What does that mean? It sounds like a slogan for some sleeping aid. But Katie was so excited to wear her Halloween nightie to school. My skepticism crumbled before her cute enthusiasm. She insisted even the teachers were going to wear pajamas today. I asked her why.

"So they can say goodnight to, uh, um, uh, those bad things."

"Drugs?" I helped her out.

"Yeah, so they can say goodnight to drugs!"

It took all my might to keep my eyeballs from rolling into the back of my head. I swallowed my Allegra and Sertraline with a swig of strong coffee and bit my tongue.

So guess who showed up today for her reading helper volunteer job at Katie's school wearing her robe and slippers while no other grownups appeared to be wearing pajamas? Yep. I am officially The Dudette.

What could I do? I just smiled, held my sweet girl's hand, and escorted her into the building. In my fuzzy robe. In front of the huge line of cars filled with parents dressed for work, dropping their kids off. Probably thinking I dropped something first thing this morning.