Sunday, October 2, 2011


A part of me loves blogging because I can mix my thoughts and interests together using various forms of art. Writing, showing videos, recommending music, sharing photos, all telling a story together. It's a beautiful artform. Underappreciated I think due to its status as often unpaid work. Just because van Gogh only sold one painting his entire life doesn't mean he wasn't an artist.

The other part of me loves blogging because I love the instant gratification that accompanies a real-time publishing device. I'm too bashful to perform on stage, but I love having people comment on my blog performance. I hear the applause in that comment and that "like" I see you posted on my blog.

And yeah, I guess I am comparing my blog to van Gogh's paintings. We're all artists. All of us has something creative within no matter what format is used to express it.