Friday, December 5, 2014

The Racing Rocket Sock Monkeys

We had a blast at the girls' 3rd basketball game tonight. It's incredible to watch their skills develop so rapidly each week. They did a great job of passing and really looked like a solid team tonight. First game they scored 6. Second game they scored 12. Third game they scored 18.

The other team showed up with just four players, so I asked if any of our girls would mind playing with the other team for one game. Without any hesitation one of the girls offered, and just like that, we had enough on both sides to play a game. Her parents were the ones who had signed up to bring snacks and drinks tonight. They ended up passing them out to the other team too.

See, man, basketball is all about collaboration and flexibility.

Oh, and we finally have a team name: The Racing Rocket Sock Monkeys.