Friday, December 5, 2014

Look at this when you feel let down

My favorite quote

You are brilliant quirky fun positive and generous. I love anything you write. You have a unique outlook the world needs to hear. You live in loving ways. And your daughter is remarkable which means you are a fantastic mom. Oh and God loves you.

Me at 15

You are a good human being and a great librarian, mother etc!

Me and Katie

You are an outspoken advocate for so many underrepresented groups. Your daughter loves you despite the setbacks. Your Sunday morning class loves you - maybe because of the setbacks and the person they have made you.

Me and the love of my life, Will

You care. You love and are loved. You're a searingly honest writer. You know how to have fun.

Me on a slip n slide at Katie's birthday party

My friend Becky writes about her life and tells the truth.

Love from Katie

Dear luminous, honest, hard working, heart working, earnest, funny, vulnerable You...

"Our Family" by Katie

I love your ferocity.  You do everything with such a fierce, passionate energy.

My favorite quote from my favorite book