Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Year's Resolutions: #NewYearNewView

Virgie Tovar is my hero. She has the best advice for making New Year's Resolutions:

"For many, many years I was like a lot of Americans who list 'LOSE WEIGHT' as their top new year’s priority. I was utterly convinced that this was my mandate, my destiny, my greatest soon-to-really-really-happen-this-time accomplishment! January 1 was met with a mixture of jittery hopefulness and prescient dread. We understand this date to be the biggest opportunity all year to wipe the proverbial slate clean. And we collectively lunge forward into this opportunity to create a 'new you.'

"But what if I told you that the current you was actually pretty awesome and you didn’t in fact need a you-replacement?"

"You’ve been a slave to the scale long enough! Break up with your old resolutions and start 2015 with the reminder that you’ve got your dream body right now. 

"Tell your friends that you’re not starting the new year with weight loss goals. Announce that instead of getting a new you, you’re getting a new view for 2015. Share your #NewYearNewView images and your body poz intentions for 2015 on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!"

Thanks, Virgie Tovar! You're an inspiration for every body. Here are my New Year's Resolutions:

1. I will believe my husband when he tells me I'm sexy.

2. I will be proud of my greying hair.

3. I will move my body in pleasurable ways. I will not exercise to lose weight. I will exercise to have fun.

4. I will not make self-depricating remarks about my body around my daughter.

5. I will teach my daughter to love her body by loving my body.

6. I will remember that my body was not put on this earth to make profits for the beauty industry.

7. I won't wait to lose weight to live life fully.