Friday, May 23, 2014

Katie's Last Journal Entry, Second Grade

Today was Katie's last day of second grade. She brought home the writing journal she's kept all year. I love the last entry:

I'm so proud of our girl. She never discussed this idea with me. Came up with it all on her own. Last I'd heard she still wanted to grow up and own a pizza and gaming joint called "Katie's Fun Factory." One common thread between the two careers is charity. When I once asked Katie how much she plans on charging customers to come to Katie's Fun Factory, she said, "Oh, like five dollars. But you don't have to pay if you don't have enough money."

Whether she chooses to be a purveyor of food and fun, or an instrument in health, Katie's got your needs covered. 

I've been kinda mopey these last couple of days, reminiscing over Katie's life and wondering how the time could fly so fast. But moments like this, when I read her last journal entry from second grade, I'm proud of how our girl is growing into such a spectacular person.