Saturday, May 10, 2014

Earl's Paw Print

If you live in the Greater Kansas City area, have I got a vet clinic for you. Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox and the whole team at Great Plains SPCA are amazing. Since June 2011 these fine people have been providing medical services for pets in families that might not otherwise be able to afford veterinary care.

We get our pets' annual vaccinations and checkups at the Merriam campus. They also provided the surgery our dog Sawyer needed when a benign tumor on her toe became inflamed. We couldn't have afforded to pay a for-profit vet. Not only did the surgery cost less at the GPSPCA, but, as they state on their website, "all revenue received from clients at the Great Plains SPCA Veterinary Care Center goes back to support our mission to give hope and promise to the homeless and needy pets in our community."

When Earl had a seizure on Wednesday, at first we thought he was going to die at home, but when we realized it might be a prolonged, agonizing death, we decided to have him euthanized. Trouble is, it was already about 3:30 in the afternoon. Many vet clinics would be closing soon, and who knew if they'd have an opening for an emergency euthanasia.

I called the GPSPCA and they assured me that they could fit us in.

Earl got to die quickly and in much less pain than if we hadn't gotten help. I can't tell you how grateful I am to the clinic staff for helping our sweet Earl leave this plane in the most peaceful way possible.

Then today I got home from work, and inside our mailbox was this card from Dr. Wilcox and the GPSPCA family:

Carleton Family,

Earl was obviously much-loved and a big part of the family. I know he enjoyed a rich, long life with you. We are thinking of you as you mourn his loss.

Elizabeth Wilcox, DVM and the GPSPCA family

She even included Earl's paw print for us to keep: