Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Healthy Human Chow

Since we got our Roku box, the show we've been binge-watching as a family the most has been "Futurama". It's hard to find things all three of us like. Katie, at seven--understandably--generally only likes kids shows. She'll watch grown up shows if they're not "too scary" or "too boring". Unfortunately, most of the grown up shows Will likes, Katie thinks are "too scary" and most of the grown up shows I like, Katie thinks are "too boring". 

But all three of us love "Futurama", the animated science fiction satire about a New York City pizza delivery guy named Fry who is accidentally cryogenically frozen on New Year's Eve 1999 and, after thawing out on New Year's Eve 2999, finds a job at his great (x30) nephew Professor Farnsworth's interplanetary delivery company.

One of our favorite gags on the show is Bachelor Chow, a human food product advertised in the 31st century like Purina Dog Chow, a dog food product, is advertised in the 21st century. Food in a bag you just pour out, add water to make gravy, and eat! Voila! Brilliant.

Over the years, as a person who hates to cook, I've often made jokes about how I wish they made Human Chow. When I met Will and he turned me on to "Futurama," I knew it was my kind of show when I saw the first ad for Bachelor Chow. 

"That's an awesome idea! I wish there really was such a thing as Bachelor Chow. But that's kinda sexist, so I'd name it Human Chow!" I said, sitting on Will's futon next to him.

"They do make Human Chow, didn't you know?" Will teased. "It's called Reese's Puffs."

For a long time after that, we'd always scope out a box of Reese's Puffs whenever we'd take a trip to the grocery store. But in the last few years we've been trying to eat healthier, so except for special occasions, we rarely eat our beloved Human Chow anymore.

Until today. I was shopping at Whole Foods. You know, the one that advertises itself as the country's healthiest grocery store. Since it advertises itself that way, it must be right, right? There, in the cereal aisle, to my surprise, I see they now sell a healthier alternative to Reese's Puffs:

Healthy Human Chow
Now available at Whole Foods Market!