Friday, March 28, 2014

Bernie Sanders Goes off on Greed

--Senator Bernie Sanders A Threat to American Democracy

The above video is 22:11 minutes of gold from Senator Bernie Sanders. Here are my favorite quotes:

"You want to know why people are angry in this country? Typical, that's the median, male worker in this country made 283 dollars less last year than he did 44 YEARS AGO."

If that's not enough to piss you off, try this one:

"From 2009-2012, 95% of all new income earned in this country went to the top 1%."

Attention, watch out for righteous indignation ahead:

"The top 25 hedge fund managers made last year over 24 billion dollars...That is enough to pay the salaries of more than 425,000 public school teachers."

And the best point Senator Sanders makes is this one:

"The billionaire class is going to war against working Americans. You would ask yourself, if you had 80 billion dollars do you really need to invest in the political process so that you can elect candidates who will give you even more tax breaks? Do you really have to invest in right-wing candidates who are out there trying to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Environmental Protection Agency, nutrition, food stamps, education."

"Why, if somebody has 80 billion dollars, are they working so hard for more tax breaks for themselves and for more cuts for the middle class and working class in terms of programs that people desperately need? Frankly I think this is not an economic issue. I think it's a psychiatric issue. I think it is an issue that suggests that people are simply power hungry they need more and more and more and I think that that is a very sad state of affairs."