Friday, September 23, 2011

Whatcha Reading For? Bill Hicks Was Once a Kindergartner

I was a fan of reading long before I'd ever heard of Bill Hicks. But now whenever anyone talks about reading, which, considering I'm a part time librarian is a lot, I hear this clip inside my head:

Waffle waitresses and truckers, please understand I think, at least I hope, Hicks is referring to these particular waffle waitresses and truckers that he's encountered and he doesn't think all people in those careers are idiots. Just sayin. I know plenty of blue collar readers.

I like this clip because of his statement about a pervading anti-intellectualism in our country. Who decided reading isn't fun? I don't get it.

I had the most amazing morning. Today was my first day volunteering at Katie's school as a reading helper. Each day the kindergartners bring home a small book, about 8 pages, with sight words most of them know. They are instructed to read the book at home to a parent or other adult and return it when they feel comfortable reading it. When the book is returned, I sit with them individually and have them read it to me. If they read more than 90% of the words in the book, they are sent home with a higher reading level book. If they read less than 90% of the words, they are sent home with a book on the same reading level.

So today I got to meet all of Katie's classmates and I got to work with half of them individually. Another mom who had done this last year was there showing me what to do. Next time I'll be by myself, so I'll get to work with all the children in Katie's class. I'm so excited. It blows my mind to think that these kids are learning how these odd shapes and symbols form words and words form ideas and ideas inspire people to think and act and live and love. And write really funny jokes about stupid people.