Friday, September 9, 2011

Batman and Spiderman

For those of you who read my post about my reaction to Katie telling me she'd be a police officer when she grows up if she were a boy, here's a continuation of that story.

The next day, I stopped by "Once Upon a Child" to pick up some more girls pants at the request of my late-blooming-fashionista daughter. As I was sifting through the available items, I heard a mom come through the door with her twin sons. They looked about two or three. They walked straight over to the aisle in front of me to look at the Halloween costumes.

One of the boys said, "I wanna be a ladybug!" But his mother grabbed his hand, saying, "No, Ernie, that's a girl's costume," and led him to the boys' costumes. "Do you want to be Thomas the Train?"

The more the mom recommended an outfit to this one boy, the more he fought her. "No, I wanna be a chicken!" "A chicken? How about a cowboy?" "No, I wanna be a bumble bee!" "A bumble bee? How about Spiderman?!" "No, I wanna be a punkin!" "A pumpkin? Ernie, look here. How about a devil?!"

The mother sounded so thrilled she had found her innocent little boy a devil's costume in a size 3T. You could almost hear her thoughts out loud, "This one won't make him look so gay."

The other boy never said anything so the mom never called him by name. So no, I don't know if his name is Bert. The mom finally picked out two costumes without consulting either son. They were going to be Batman and Spiderman this year.