Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lot's Wife

Why does brutality in God's name seem even crueler than just plain ol' brutality? Store this clip in my "Rwandan Genocide Videos" file of depressing things I can't stand to turn away from. Does that somehow make me Lot's wife or something? It's been a long time since my mom read me Bible stories.

I am currently reading the new Philip Gulley book The Evolution of Faith so this kind of thing is on my mind. I loved his Home to Harmony series set in small-town Indiana about a Quaker pastor and all the quirky folks he simultaneously shepherds and pokes fun of. This is the first nonfiction book I've tried of Gulley's and it's pretty deep.

Ok. My thoughts on God: Love. That's it, friends. That's what God is. It's not that difficult. Treat people in a loving way. What would Jesus do? Love. As simple as that.