Friday, October 31, 2014

Grace Skywalker

I'm not a crafter. I'm not a DIYer. I'm not creative in the kitchen. Usually, when I see posts of cute Halloween party ideas, I take a moment to say to myself, "Aww" and then keep scrolling down my feed. But a few months ago I saw something that caught my eye:

"Even I could do that. How hard is it to shove pieces of candy corn into a banana?" I said to myself, filing away this idea in the back of my mind.

So when it came time to prepare for Katie's school Halloween party, I bought a bunch of bananas, a couple of bags of candy corn, and signed up on the list of Room Parents who are bringing treats, patting myself on the back the whole time for my awesome display of graceful domesticity.

I decided to start making the candy corn on the cob about an hour before Katie's class party started. My husband Will, who is naturally more talented in the domestic realm than I am, advised that I prepare them ahead of time, but I didn't want the bananas to turn brown. Who wants to eat rotten candy corn on the cob, dear?

Of course the project failed miserably. The bananas were too mushy or the candy corn was too hard. I tried to mold the mushy banana around the candy corn, but it just made it worse. This is what it looked like when I finally gave up:

My attempt at making candy corn on the cob 

By that time, I had about thirty minutes to come up with something else to take to Katie's class party. I ran to the store, bought some sugar cookies with orange icing and black sprinkles, some clementines, and as many bags of Snickers bars my arms could carry. It wasn't until I got to my car that I remembered there is a kid with a peanut allergy in Katie's classroom, so the Snickers would have to stay home. They could be my reward for at least attempting to be crafty this year.

Looks like the trick-or-treaters coming to my door tonight will be lucky. At least the non-allergic ones. Turns out I don't need bags of Snickers bars to feel rewarded. As the kids in Katie's class were starting to pack up after the party, a little girl named Grace, who was dressed as Luke Skywalker, saw me putting the lid on this pathetic concoction I ended up bringing just in case there weren't enough other treats:

I call this treat the "I Give Up"

"Did you make that," Grace Skywalker asked.

I seriously debated lying to the child. "Uh, yeah," I replied, scrunching my face so she'd know even I know it's a pathetic concoction.

"Oh, thanks! That was delicious!" Grace said.

I smiled all the way home.

Happy Halloween! May the Grace be with you.