Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chief Judge Kevin Moriarty Directs Johnson County Courts Clerk to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

Woo hoo! I'm a proud Kansan from Johnson County today!!! Chief Judge Kevin Moriarty directed the Johnson County Kansas district court clerk to issue marriage licenses to gay couples:

"In the interest of justice and to avoid the uncertainty that has arisen in light of recent federal court rulings about the constitutionality of state constitutional and/or statutory prohibitions against marriage by same-sex individuals, the clerk of the district court is hereby directed to issue marriage licenses to all individuals, including same-sex individuals, provided they are otherwise qualified to marry." --Chief Judge Kevin Moriarty

Dude! My inner-thirteen year old--who was forced to move to Johnson County, Kansas with her parents and leave behind all her siblings and all her friends, who knew no one and heard rumors that everyone was rich and snotty--that girl is in shock right now. Never in a million years, when I moved to Johnson County, Kansas in May of 1983, did I think that it would become legal for gay couples to marry here. Instead, it has taken a mere thirty-one years. A long road of fighting for equal rights, but worth it with rulings like this today. 
I can honestly say today, I am proud to call myself a Kansan, especially a Johnson Countian.