Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The Internet tells me #hamonnye is now trending. In case you missed it, last night evolutionist Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham debated each other at The Creation Museum in Kentucky. You can watch the debate here:

I watched the debate last night. It was clear to me that Bill Nye won. I didn't give it a second thought. When it was over, I logged off and went upstairs to hang out with Will and Katie who were bored with the debate and retreated to the living room to watch "Independence Day".  

Will didn't even give the debate a try. I announced I was going to watch it and he immediately headed upstairs. Katie tried to watch the debate with me, but after about five minutes she announced, "That's Bill Nye? He looks old."

"Well, yeah," I said in Nye's defense. "His science DVDs we check out from the library are from his show that was on back in the 1990s. He hasn't aged in the videos, but he's aged in real life."

"Ooooooh," Katie said, getting it. I remember when I was about five I found out that the episodes of The Mickey Mouse Club I watched on TV were reruns and that Cubby, who I had a huge crush on, was actually a grown man. Eww.

Katie sat next to me watching the debate for about two more minutes, then she went upstairs to watch something "less boring". I wanted to argue with her that blow-shit-up action movies are way more boring than debates about science and religion, but I was too busy watching the debate to get into it with her.

I woke up this morning, got my coffee, and headed to the basement to check out what's new in the world. It's funny how you don't have to leave your home anymore to see what's going on around the world. Some people would argue that I'm missing out by staying in and hanging out online instead of in person, but I disagree. My thoughts about the world have expanded much more in my last decade, with near constant access to the Internet, than they did in my three prior decades of, you know, going outside and talking to people.

But, that's just me. I'm an introvert and I know not everyone is just like me. My extroverted friends don't understand me, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. You know, Facebook friends. God no! Not real friends. Hahahaha. Are you kidding me?

So I logged on to my laptop and started scrolling down the #hamonnye newsfeed, hoping I'd find some like-minded individuals' analysis of last night's debate that I could nod my head along with. That's my idea of morning exercise.

My neck got way more of a workout than I expected, not just by nodding but by shaking my head too. Every other article said one or the other debaters won last night.  Not everyone agrees with me that Bill Nye won?  Big shock.

It seems people are just as evenly divided about the issue as they were before. This debate changed few people's minds. Certainly not the debaters, although at least Nye says he's open to changing his mind. I have more respect for open-minded people, so of course I side with Nye.

It's evident that no one knows for certain who won last night's debate. Some people think it was a nightmare for science. Others think Bill Nye dominated the debate. If no one can agree who won last night's debate, how can we ever agree on the origin of the Universe?

BuzzFeed went as far as to divide their reporting of the event into two articles:


Judging from the two BuzzFeed articles linked above, Evolutionists have a way more evolved sense of humor than Creationists do, so in my book, Evolutionists win.  The way I see it, God blessed me with an appreciation for humor, so blame God if you have a problem with it.