Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taking Selfies in Front of The Dirty Dishes

"Taking Selfies in Front of The Dirty Dishes"

"My purpose in life is to enjoy myself."  

This is a quote from a friend of mine.  I heard her say it the other night as I walked in on a conversation.  I don't know what instigated the comment, but I thought it was beautiful.  

My friend who said it is a young woman, mid-twenties.  If I think about it too hard I realize she is eighteen years younger than I am.  I am old enough, biologically, if not emotionally, to be her mother.  And yet this friend who knows her purpose in life is her own enjoyment and no others' is wiser than I.

I have spent too many years worrying over being someone else's enjoyment.  Do I look pretty enough to others?  Do other people think I'm smart?  I hope other people don't think I'm a [fill in the blank].

"What do I care?" my amazing husband Will says whenever I say "What will they think?"  He is so secure with himself.  It's amazing.  I've never known someone who couldn't care less what other people think of him than Will.  

I am the polar opposite.   A chronic worrier, I sit at home alone and worry that people who don't know me will think I'm a lazy slackass if I spend my day writing rather than washing the dirty dishes.

I have too many things to write about, so naturally I'm procrastinating.  I decided I might as well enjoy myself while I do it.  So, instead of doing something practical with my time like washing the dirty dishes, I did something creative with my time by taking selfies in front of the dirty dishes.

"Well Behaved Women Rarely Do the Dishes"