Monday, January 20, 2014

Misheard Words

When Katie was little, I kept track of the funny things she said in a notebook I named "Cute Katie Quotes".

Two of my favorites are these:

1)  When Katie was two, she went through this phase of storing random objects inside the refrigerator.  You'd open the door to get some half and half for your coffee and find your car keys.  Time to make lunch?  Oh, there's my hairbrush.  At least she didn't store her used diapers in there like she did in her play kitchen.  It's such a fun age when they learn how to take off their diaper after taking a crap, but they haven't quite learned what to do with it.

One day Katie opened the refrigerator to grab her cup of milk. On a shelf inside she'd left one of those plastic magnets you get with the set of ABCs and 123s.  The kind kids like to drop onto the floor for you to step on, put in their mouths to freak you out, lose under your frightfully dirty refrigerator.  Or, in our case, the kid likes to hide them in the fridge. As Katie reached for the cup, her hand passed over the magnet.  She said, "Excuse me L." Then she paused, picked up the magnet, flipped it over and said, "Oh, excuse me 7." 

2)  My other favorite "Cute Katie Quote" happened when she was just a month shy of four years old.  I handed her the popsicle box to choose the one she wanted.  She grabbed one and said, "I like the blue popsicles. They taste like the sky." 

I long ago stopped writing entries into the "Cute Katie Quotes" notebook.  Now I have Facebook and my blog to share Katie's quirky ways and mind-blowing observations.  Lately, Katie's been mishearing a lot of words, which leads to funny conversations such as this:

Katie: "Have you ever heard of Yo-Yo Ma?"
Me: "Yeah. He plays the cello."
Katie: "Oh, yeah. I've heard a jello before."

Then yesterday Katie kept trying to tell me she had a castle on her finger.  I finally figured out she meant a "callous".  Tonight at dinner she asked me if there are two kinds of gargling.  I said I didn't think so and asked if she knows of two kinds.  She said, "One when you gargle water in your throat and one where you stare at someone's boobs".  

"Oh, you mean ogle, not gargle!" I explained.  "You can't gargle boobs."

Katie had such a giggle fit it became contageous.  It feels so good to giggle with my big girl.