Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Following Rainbows with You

Happy Anniversary, Will!  

We got hitched nine years ago, on October 22, 2004.  I was too shy for a big ceremony, so you agreed to a small one at the park across from the apartment that we shared.  You used to play there when you were a boy, and I took the dogs there to explore.  We loved the enclosed, shady area and thought it would be the perfect place to begin our union.

It rained, of course, so we had to get married inside our apartment.  Which is fine.  Things never go as planned, and I've learned that the best thing about being married to you is that even when things go wrong they're always right.

I'm going to wear my wedding dress on our lunch date today.  The purple and blue tie-dye one with a big heart pattern in the center, the one you call my Care Bears heart.  

I get you all to myself while our daughter is in school, a luxury in our busy lives.  Then we'll pick her up from school and go roller skating as a family.  We are such nerds.  I love us.

Our Wedding Photo 
October 22, 2004

The photo above was taken at your brother and sister-in-law's apartment where we enjoyed a homecooked meal and champagne after we said our I Do's.   My mom bought the fancy cake.  On the ride from our apartment to their apartment we noticed it had stopped raining.  We saw a rainbow.  It looked like it began at our apartment and ended at theirs.

We took it as a good sign.  

We followed it.

I love following rainbows with you.

Us on Our 8th Anniversary
October 22, 2012