Sunday, July 31, 2011

Virgin Housewife Laundry Tip #1

When you sort your family's laundry, make sure to check each pocket for items that should not be washed. For example, guitar picks in that tiny pocket inside the front pocket of your husband's jeans, every single inch of your daughter's clothes for stickers after storytime or dinner at Sweet Tomatoes or sticker books from Grandma, your dog's bedding for random bits of chewed up crayons, your own jeans for cash given to your kid for her birthday and immediately pocketed into your own pants because you're so much better at keeping track of things than a five year old. At least in theory.

And today I learned another lesson about laundry sorting. Cargo shorts are a great place for daddies to store kid's suckers. Or perhaps Daddy was not keeping it for his daughter as much as he was hiding it for himself to enjoy later. Either way, after it's washed inside the pocket of a pair of cargo shorts, your husband will have the opportunity to wear them with his "tie-dyed" brightly colored shirts you have previously spilled bleach on.