Friday, February 26, 2016


My husband, Will, likes to tease me that I'm overly optimistic about the good intentions of people. Once, at the beginning of a thunderstorm, I saw a group of young guys walking around the apartment's parking lot banging on windows to check to make sure everyone's car windows were rolled up. At least that's what I thought they were doing until I saw one of them bust open a window and the others jump in and try to jack the car. Will had to rush out in his undies to scare those hooligans off.

This time my naivete was directed toward Secretary Clinton. When I first saw a clip of her video demonizing black youths as "Super-Predators" and she said that we needed to "bring them to heel" I thought she meant "heal". Like, she wanted to bring them in to prison to heal. And I thought, we'll that's ridiculous, they're never going to get healed in prison..." Then I saw this clip of the #BlackLivesMatter activist's sign that says "bring them to heel" and I googled that term and found it means to bring someone into submission. Like a dog.

I support Bernie Sanders for President because he respects the dignity in all humans. He doesn't just say things to gain political power. He wants to make American great. Here and now. Not again. Not sometime in the future. Now.

Are you ready? Do you feel the Bern?!