Friday, July 11, 2014

Puppies Make Great Therapists

Katie and Annie, 13 weeks old

We got a new puppy. The rescue worker guesses she's a Shepherd mix. She was a stray, so who knows? We call her a Shepherd Surprise. Her name is Annie. We adopted her for Katie's birthday gift.

She's a gift to the whole family. I napped with her this morning, spooning her warm puppy body. She's only 14 weeks old. I was afraid I might roll over on her. I was afraid she'd pee the bed. I woke up about an hour later, feeling relaxed and rested. And dry. No worries.

Puppies make great therapists. A couple of months ago our 13 year old dog Earl died. I didn't realize how much I felt depressed until we brought Annie into our lives.

Happiness is the absence of numbness and depression. I feel more alive when I'm happy than when I'm depressed.

Puppies remind us that life is full of shit and piss, but also full of fun and wonder. And really comfy naps. I look forward to seeing this puppy girl grow up.

The day we brought Annie home, Katie said, "I think Earl is happy for us."

I said, "I think Earl is happy for us, too."