Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kids and Puppies Make Great Friends

Most of the time, our eleven-year-old Beagle-Lab mix, Sawyer, and our four-month-old Shepherd Surprise, Annie, get along.

Sometimes Annie gets too playful when Sawyer just wants to sit in peace and chew her rawhide.

Sometimes Sawyer thinks Annie's gotten too close to her rawhide. That puppy must be put in her place.

Sometimes the puppy says, "Screw my place, Sister. I can bark back!"

The puppy backs off, knowing she'll never be as clever as an eleven-year-old dog, even one recuperating from a bout of pancreatitis, coccidiosis, and tapeworms. I can tell Sawyer is feeling better after our visit to the vet because the dog who just the other day was refusing her meals, treats, even her rawhide, is now firmly guarding it.

One of the wise things Sawyer has learned in her eleven years is when to throw a puppy a bone and let 'em have a turn chewing on the rawhide. Otherwise known as nap time.

This is a picture of Sawyer when she was Annie's age, eleven years ago. Annie, like all puppies, is annoying. It's a good thing puppies are cute or we'd toss them out with the trash. Why do puppies think bowing and barking and then springing forth to bite you on the cheek is a good way to ask someone to play? But Sawyer is patient with her. When Annie bites her on the cheek or won't stop barking in her face, Sawyer looks like she's rolling her eyes at Annie. Saying, "Yeah, right, Kid. Go play with your squeaky toy." The fact that Sawyer doesn't bite Annie and is so patient with her is, I think, because she remembers what it was like to be a puppy. Back when she would annoy her older furry brother, Earl, who passed away a couple of months ago.

Katie adores Annie. I think she understands what it's like to be the only kid around a bunch of lazy, boring grownups. Katie appreciates Annie's energy.

Annie sure is cute.

Thatcher, our eleven-year-old cat who grew up around puppies, is largely unfazed by Annie's presence. I notice he stays high off the floor, though. Smart cat.

Thatcher is laying on top of the table. Annie is underneath, chewing on the legs of the chair. The constant vibration that emanates from Annie's destruction must be rather soothing. Like sitting in a massage chair.

Annie finally conks out. She's so cute. When she sleeps.

Sawyer says, "That's a good idea, Kid. I'll join you."

When Annie awakes, Katie takes her outside for a potty break. And some lovin'.

Kids and puppies make great friends.

I love to watch them play together.

I look forward to watching them grow up together.