Sunday, July 7, 2013

My First Internet Troll

Well here's a social media milestone for me: I have my first Internet troll.  Aww, isn't that sweet?!  I feel like a real blogger now.

Some of my friends and loved ones are concerned about my mental health and well being and think I should refrain from interacting with Internet trolls, but I can't help myself.

I'm particularly fond of this exchange in the comments section of this article about the Madelyn Sheaffer incident that I've blogged about recently, here and here:

Del Trahn

I say protest the park by having a "swim-in". That's right everyone that's a bit hairy, fat, or old go down to the park and have a great time! You are all beautiful in your own way. Show those superficial, pretentious twits a thing or two. Make a FB page and organize weekly summer events. Kinda like Revenge of the Nerds style. I wish I lived there, this would be fun..

Becky Carleton:

Hi, Del Trahn. Great minds think alike! I plan on wearing a bikini to the event, but participants should feel free to wear whatever makes them feel their best. It would be cool if we got a bunch of people of unconventional sizes to show up in bikinis, but if you prefer something more modest that is entirely your choice. I want this event to raise awareness of the Health at Every Size® philosophy, which aims to teach people to love their bodies. So please, the only requirement is that you must love your body. And to have compassion for other people's bodies. I just need to figure out the right time and date. I blogged about the idea:

John Winslow:

Great minds think alike? Ok...well...let me be the first to rain on your parade. You think to protest a business by gathering many, many peoples of all shapes and sizes and going to this business and giving them $30 per demonstrator? To prove a point? I tell you what...round up all your fat buddies, charter a bunch of grey hound buses (at the plus plus size, we'll probably need a bus for every six people) and you can come out to my farm and graze for a free.

Becky Carleton:

You have a special place in my heart, JohnWinslow. You're my first Internet troll. Nonresident prices for adults are $9 according to the Adventure Oasis Water Park's website. The City of Independence operates the facility. I'm happy to pay $9 to spread the message of Health at Every Size® , to spread the message that our bodies are all beautiful. I would hate for the world to succumb to communication only by sad, hateful trolls. I'm ready to step outside the virtual world and step into the real world to spread the message of body acceptance and compassion for all people. Thanks for the offer to visit, but I'm kinda busy making this world a better place.