Saturday, July 27, 2013

Katie Reads Anything

Katie reads anything. She's attracted to the printed word like a zombie is to brains.  I've caught her reading the owner's manual to her booster seat, "because it has pictures of babies and it shows you how to put it together!"  She reads without parental prodding.  Most often if the house has grown quiet I can find our girl sitting in some corner with a book in her lap.  

Today during our walk around the lake, she stopped to read this warning sign.  She informed me that we were not allowed to jump into the lake.  Or drink the water.  Good thing there was a sign.  I came this close to jumping in and taking a refreshing gulp of lake water.  Dodging all that water fowl poop along the path made me thirsty.  

But I was happy to drink the iced tea I made at home and brought with us on our picnic.  Katie stood with me in the kitchen while it steeped.  She hasn't learned how to read tea leaves yet, but she did stand there and read the tea bag carton.