Friday, December 23, 2011

Ron Paul Rant: Is Dr. Paul Racist or Just Incompetent?

Let's give Ron Paul the benefit of the doubt. Take him at his word that he didn't know these racist views were communicated in his newsletters. Ok, so maybe he really is not racist. Then he's an incompetent leader. If you're oblivious to and can't control what is written in your own political newsletter, how can you manage our great nation, Dr. Paul? It takes pretty superior communication skills to be president of the United States.

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One of my fairly liberal friends, tired of Obama's broken promises, has decided to listen to Chicken Little and vote for Ron Paul. His argument is that since civilization is on the brink of collapse, we should ignore Dr. Paul's social conservatism and jump on board his ark before we all drown.

Hold up. I'm not letting fear mongers get to me. This planet has had many civilizations collapse and yet people are still here. Since I was born in 1970 I've heard over and over that our great nation is on the verge of collapse. And yes, it really does look like it this time. But it really did look like it that time too. And that time before. And that time before that.

I'm tired of rich propagandists in both parties freaking everyone out with their extremist statements about how if we don't support their guy civilization will end. No it won't. The ability for them to live in their mansions and to pay for any material thing they want on this earth might end, but humanity will continue no matter who we vote for in November 2012. Humans are pretty good at figuring out this life on Earth thing. I might have to learn how to garden and God forbid shoot a gun, but hey, that sounds better than drinking the koolaid either party is handing out right now.