Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22, 1970

Today is my birthday. In honor of Mom's labor 41 years ago, I'll let her do all the work. Here's my birth story, from the primary source:

What a day for Stacey Anne Burton. She couldn't wait for the doctor so she surprised me at 4:45am, without labor pains, weighing 8lbs 1-1/2oz. Good thing we were spending the night at the hospital awaiting induced labor that morning. When the birth certificate lady asked for your name, she said "That's the third Stacey today." I said "Come back tomorrow." Jay suggested Billie Sue...I liked the Sue part. It was a good thing I had a McCalls magazine with a story about "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier. I found my name Rebecca Sue.

We took you home in a cute pink frilly dress on Thanksgiving Day. The first thing you did was poop on the pink dress. You've since never worn pink much. Your bassinet was in a room off the kitchen & living room painted orange with a piano and playpen I painted yellow. I played music to stifle the noise of your four older siblings using the back door. Everyone wanted to hold you. You were treated like their doll. Kitty was like your second mother because your bed was in her & Jenny's room. She gave you a bottle in the middle of the night and changed your diaper.

Because you were 7 years younger than your nearest sibling, you were like an only child in your teen years. This was difficult to adjust to, but it made you seek a lot of friends & companions, many of whom are still friends today. Your loyalty and empathy to others is one of your most admirable qualities. Another unusual thing about you is your ability to enjoy people of all ages.

What I enjoyed most was your including me in games with your friends and your visits when we lived near each other. You were my closest companion when I was alone, digging into my thoughts. No one asked before. Thank you Beck for being someone I could always depend on. I remember the millennium in the hospital when you spent the night with me, bringing me warm socks and New Years horns & hats. Whenever I was packing to move, you were always by my side.

Have a great 41st year and a very happy birthday today.

I love you, Mom

PS: Your talent as a writer and photographer are keeping me close to you. Good job!

--Guest Blogger Beverly Martinmaas