Thursday, January 21, 2016

Katie Quotes 1-21-16

Katie: "I really like your robe, Mom."

Me: "Oh yeah?"

Katie: "Yeah. It's nice and soft and fuzzy up here, and it's got this big hole and it's kinda worn over here. It's kind of like, your life."

Me: "Yeah?"

Katie: "Yeah. Like the soft and fuzzy part up here is like when you and Daddy got married and when I was born, and this kinda worn out hole over here is like, how you had some horrible times in your childhood. But you got over those and you stitched them together."

Me: "Wow, you are such an insightful child."

Katie: "You wanna hear my theory about Minecraft?"

Me: "Yeah."

Katie: "Minecraft is not just a cool game. It's a therapist game. Like, if your best friend doesn't want to be friends anymore, you can go blow stuff up in Minecraft, or like if you feel like 'oh, I'll never do anything' you can create all these buildings and stuff in Minecraft."

The wisdom of a nine-year-old.