Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday Meat

Kate, first thing this morning: Mom, did you know that you're not supposed to eat meat today because it's Good Friday?

Me: Oh yeah? Who told you that?

Kate: Ariana (a girl in Kate's class at a secular school).

Me: Huh. Did she say why you're not supposed to eat meat?

Kate: Because it's Good Friday.

Me: Yeah, but I mean, why "no meat". Why not "no candy" or something else?

Kate: I don't know. She just said you're not supposed to eat meat on Good Friday.

Me: Maybe Ariana's Catholic? Grandma Bev​ is Catholic, and she told me that many Catholics don't eat meat on holy days like Good Friday. Some Catholics don't eat meat on any Friday. Lots of Hindus and Buddhists don't eat meat at all. And then some Jewish people and Muslim people don't eat things like shellfish. There's lot of rules for what you can and can't eat in different religions.

Kate: Well, you're not supposed to eat meat on Good Friday.

Me: Eh, yes and no. It's really your choice, Hon. We're Presbyterians, and Presbyterians don't have as many rules. So I wouldn't worry about it.

Later, after school:

Me: So, did you eat meat at lunch?

Kate: No, I had macaroni and cheese.

Me: Oh yeah? How come? Just 'cause it looked good?

Kate: No, because it's Good Friday.

Me: Ah, I see. But I thought because we're Presbyterians we don't have to follow that rule?

Kate: Yeah, well. I decided to not eat meat today. Just in case.

Me: Just in case what? Do you think God would be mad if you ate meat today?

Kate: No.

Me: So what would happen if you ate meat on Good Friday?

Kate: I might have a bad day.

Me: So not eating meat on Good Friday's kinda like having a good luck charm? Maybe a lucky rabbit's foot? I hope it's not the Easter Bunny!

Kate, shaking her head: Mom, I'm gonna go watch "Uncle Grandpa" now.

I wonder if Kate would have decided to not eat meat today "just in case" if the vegetarian option at school was just vegetables and not one of her favorite dishes, macaroni and cheese?