Friday, March 2, 2012

Clang Clang Clang Went the Trolley

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Now that everyone’s back to complaining about the high price of gasoline, I’m back to wondering what happened to public transportation?

Debating the cause of our currently high gas prices, I pointed out that if our urban and suburban communities had better public transportation like we did in the good ole days we wouldn't need to bother having this conversation. Once again, it's the result of greedy corporations and laissez faire capitalism.

"In the good ole days." See, I have a conservative side too.

A friend pointed out that some people need to haul around equipment for their work, so public transportation wouldn’t suit them. That's true. But wouldn't it be wonderful to drive down the street with fewer automobiles and crazy drivers on it? Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner out without having to worry about who's the designated driver?

Speaking of the good ole days, who doesn't love a good rendition of "The Trolley Song" from The Judy Garland Show?

I say bring back the trolley! Only something more up-to-date for modern users. Kinda like this rendition of "The Trolley Song":

Jim Bailey as Judy Garland singing "The Trolley Song"